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A workplace injury, a health issue caused by work, or any other injury sustained as a result of someone else’s negligence may mean you’re entitled to compensation. You’ll notice the difference through our personal service, transparent advice, and total support. Our compensation lawyers are Brisbane-based but service all of Queensland with a free initial consultation and no upfront costs.

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There are a bunch of workplace accidents that call for compensation.

Workplace accident claims are for more than just workplace injuries. You can claim for injuries caused by accidents like repetitive strains, excessive manual labour, and slips and falls. This extends to more severe situations too, like workplace violence or a car accident on your way to or from work.

This means both physical injuries like spinal, muscular, and whiplash can be claimed for. As well as the physical though, is the psychological side.  Psychological effects of these accidents, like anxiety or depression, can also be claimed for.

Remember, strict time limits apply, so it’s important to get in touch for your free initial consultation as soon as you can.

Excessive Lifting, Pushing, Pulling

Slips, Trips or Falls

Travel To or From Work

Repetitive Strain Injury


So, what could you be compensated for?

You can claim any kind of injury sustained from your workplace — physical or psychological. 

Here are the most common forms of compensation:

We'll guide you through the process

Workplace accidents can be complex and have loads of different moving parts, so each workplace accident claim is totally different. It can be daunting going into a totally new process though. 

You can rest easy, knowing we’ll guide you through the whole process. You’ll get ongoing updates as your case progresses but they’ll all be clear and concise. This way, we can keep you across everything you need to know and we don’t confuse the process further for you.

How it works


Initial Consultation

We’ll get things started with a quick phone assessment and an initial consultation. We’ll learn about your experience and your ideal outcome.


Legal Process

We’ll begin the legal process after our cost- and obligation-free consultation. This process can vary greatly and can take a number of years.



Every case and resolution is different. Your claim’s finalisation and (hopefully) payout will conclude the process.

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With our cost-free, risk-free, and Boss-approved claims check, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. You even get a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Request a no-obligation callback today to see where you stand. 

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Our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re dedicated to providing a high standard of legal representation. As part of our commitment to you, we have a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. It means you can cancel at any time with no cost or obligation within that first 30-day period. So, what have you got to lose?

Why leave your accident claim with us?

At Vilic Law, we exclusively work with personal compensation claims. We pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of personalised client service and providing you with support and advice every step of the way.

Service that's personal to you

This is a really difficult time for you. We get it. So, we make sure we’re giving you a service that’s personal to you and ticks all the boxes you need it to. We make sure we’re available too. You’ll even have our mobile number.

We can come to you

Life gets busy and a legal case is just another thing to deal with — especially if you’re recovering from an injury. We’re so happy to travel to meet wherever you’d like to but you’re always welcome in our Milton or Browns Plains office too.

One point of contact (and always a lawyer)

It’s important you feel supported and secure throughout your claim process. So, you’ll be paired with a senior lawyer, who’ll start your case with you and finish it with you — with no handoffs to paralegals in between. It eliminates confusion and ensures a smooth process.

No Win, No Fee

We’re here to make legal representation and claiming compensation simple and risk-free through our No Win, No Fee policy. You’ll only have to pay once you’ve received a favourable outcome. Enjoy peace of mind with our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee, if you’re not happy within the first 30 days, you can walk away at no cost to you.

We keep it affordable

We don’t want your win to be a stressful time where you’re concerned about paying us. We’ll be sure to keep it affordable and only charge you for our service once we win your case.

Committed to community

Our team routinely donates to local organisations and sponsors local sporting teams to make a positive impact in our community.

Have a Question?

Making a workplace compensation claim can be pretty stressful. We know that often in legal cases, it’s the unknown that’s the scary part. Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

A Workers’ Compensation claim can be made for any injury or illness you’ve attained during the course of your employment.

This isn’t exclusive to physical injuries. You’re covered for psychological injuries as well.

Some examples of injuries or symptoms include:

•    Whiplash injuries
•    Spinal injuries including back and neck injuries
•    Brain injury
•    Eye injury
•    Shoulder injury
•    Psychological injuries such as nervous shock and depression
•    Burns
•    Crush injuries
•    Illnesses
•    Stress

The Workers’ Compensation benefits scheme covers the following kinds of employees:
•    Contract or permanent employees
•    Full-time, part-time and casual employees
•    In some cases, subcontractors or self-employed workers.

Yeah, there are. Strict time limits apply to these kinds of claims, which is why we recommend contacting us as soon as you feel comfortable. 

We also find it’s beneficial to get started sooner rather than later, so stronger evidence can be gathered to support your case.

Our initial consultations are cost- and obligation-free and confidential, so there’s no risk in having a conversation.

This depends on the type of workplace accident and the injuries sustained. Someone with less severe injuries, who has one surgery and a short recovery period will have their claim finalised much sooner than someone with multiple surgeries and a longer road to recovery ahead of them.

There are so many different factors that determine the level of compensation you receive.

These include the type and level of injury sustained, the effect it has on your ability to return to work, and how the injury will affect you long term.

All cases and accidents differ in terms of time to settle. Of course, Vilic Law will try to always get your claim sorted as soon as possible. It is important to have all evidence on hand before we settle your claim as we have one chance so we need to get it right the first time. 

Should your claim include more serious injuries that may take a longer time to heal, the medical professionals treating you may want to hold off on giving you a future diagnosis. 

Usually, claims take six months to two years or more to be resolved.

It differs from case to case! All evidence needs to be collected and looked at comprehensively together. There are many things that are taken into consideration, including the severity of your injury, the type, your age, employment, and any medical conditions that existed prior to the accident. 

When you meet with us at your free initial consultation, we’ll make sure that you are taken through all the details of your case and any circumstances involved to then provide you with the most helpful advice about your case.

Generally, most claims can be resolved before going to trial and are settled during or after mediation. By involving a legal professional, you will be more likely to see an early resolution reached and in doing so, avoid court.

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