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Had a road accident? This guide has everything you need to know

As motor vehicle accident compensation lawyers, we hear from people who’ve been in car accidents all the time. Usually, they’re stressed, they’re upset, and they don’t really understand what happens next. Our free guide takes you through everything you need to know from the moment of impact until your case is in the safe hands of a compensation lawyer. (We’ll even give you some tips on finding that lawyer!)

The guide you need to feel confident in your case.

Following a car accident, there’s bound to be a list of unknowns. It can feel pretty scary, wondering whether you’ll be reimbursed for the bills that have come with your recovery and what steps you should take next. This free guide is designed to take you through the process, helping you understand exactly what you can claim, what you’ll need to have to make your claim, and what to expect along the way.

Keep this in your back pocket as your claim moves forward

As you move forward with your claim, you can keep this guide handy to refer back to when you have a question or want some more context. Our detailed FAQs, outlined timeframes, and handy tips will keep you in the know about your case and give you confidence as it progresses.

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Why download our free guide?

A checklist to guide you immediately after your crash

This guide will run you through absolutely everything you need to do following your crash, from stopping your car and turning your hazard lights on, to what you should take photos of and how to find your compensation lawyer.

Our top tips for compensation claims

Our experienced compensation lawyers share our tips for your compensation claim — what evidence (photos, proof) you’ll need and what you should be looking for in a compensation lawyer as you prepare for your claim.

Everything you need to know after you've been in a crash

There are so many unknowns after a car accident. What can you claim? How long do you have to make a claim? And how much will it all cost you? All of this and more is answered in our free guide.

Answering all your FAQs

With all of our clients’ FAQs, as well as Google’s in mind, we’ve created a full Q&A for all things motor vehicle accident compensation. For all of your other questions? You can get in touch with our friendly lawyers — it’s risk- and cost-free.

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So, you've been in a crash. Our compensation lawyers are here for you.

Road accidents are stressful. You’re likely dealing with the insurance side of things, all the while, recovering from any injuries — whether physical or psychological and now, you have to consider a compensation claim.

Our compensation lawyers are here for you. With a team of lawyers committed to supporting you through this process, a No Win, No Fee policy, and our Boss-Approved Risk-Free Program, which offers you a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee, we’re a go-to firm in Brisbane and Logan.

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Get your hands on our free guide today!
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Fill in the form to get our free guide delivered straight to your inbox. And remember, if you have a question, you can always chat with our lawyers — it’s risk – and cost-free.