7 tips to avoid a car accident these holidays on Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast roads

Tips to avoid a car accident explained – Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast and broader Queensland

With Christmas holidays fast approaching, this is a timely reminder for all of us to think about and prepare for staying safe on the road. With many of us shopping for Christmas gifts, attending holiday parties and events, travelling for family gatherings and catching up with friends and family, it is no surprise that Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast roads are flooded with cars during this period. This naturally increases our risk of traffic accidents too. Our highly-anticipated, well-deserved break easily ruined by an unexpected car, bike or motorcycle accident.

Here at Vilic Law, we have come up with seven helpful tips and hints to help you and your family stay safe and keep our Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine coast roads accident free this holiday season!

Before you go anywhere, make sure you inspect your vehicle before getting on the road. Make sure that you:

– Check your tyres to ensure they are safe and that there is plenty of tread left on them.
– Ensure your lights, breaks and windscreen wipers are working properly.
– It is also smart to always have a first aid kit available in your car.

Give yourself enough time wherever you decide to travel to, taking into account the heavy traffic on our Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast roads when planning your trip. Majority of car accidents occur due to human error and the chances or error are increased by one of the parties rushing to get to or from a location. Slow down and plan ahead – things can wait!

Fatigue is one of the big factors that contribute to vehicle accidents so if going on a long trip, make sure that you rest well before you leave and take regular breaks. If travelling with another driver, swap regularly. If you are feeling fatigued, pull over into a safe area and take a break from driving. Regular breaks save lives.

The right line is for overtaking only so make sure that you follow the rules and keep left unless overtaking. Also, remember to not follow too closely as this will increase your chances of being involved in a rear-ended car accident.

Plan ahead to avoid drink and driving! If you are going to a family gathering and you know you will have a drink or two, the leave your car at home and catch an UBER, Didi or even Ola. These great ride-sharing apps offer some excellent deals at the moment – no wonder Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast roads are flooded with these ride-share vehicles! Driving under the influence puts safety of other people at risk and if you are caught under the influence, it will cost you a fortune in fines and not to mention embarrassment.

Distracted drivers are as dangerous as drunk drivers! Do not use your phone to call or text while on the road. Don’t change the music, fix your hair or makeup. Be alert and stay alert. Pay attention to the behaviours of other drivers and if a vehicle close to you is swerving, stay well clear of it. Keep our Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast roads safe.

Follow the road rules. Make sure that everyone is wearing a seatbelt. Follow speed limits, stop at stop signs and give way. These simple road rules will reduce the risk of a car accident.

Holidays are about you, your family and friends. Therefore, be smart, drive safe and follow the rules. Our lives are precious. The holiday season has an increased risk of car accidents.

If you were in a car accident in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and the rest of Queensland and you think you might have a case, contact Vilic Law for a free initial over the phone consultation with a senior solicitor today on 1300 647 427 – help is just around the corner.

The information in this blog is not intended to be legal advice, and should not be taken as such.

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